EFM Missions: Missionaries: Daniel and Tiffany Melton – Honduras

Daniel and Tiffany Melton – Honduras

Daniel and Tiffany Melton – Honduras

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Daniel: October 9, 1975, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tiffany: September 10, 1976, in Newark, Ohio


Daniel: “When I was 13 years of age I gave my life to the Lord at a camp in Florida. When I was in college (Faith Bible School) in 1997 the Lord sanctified me. There are no regrets in deciding to serve Jesus. I am satisfied serving Him.”

Tiffany: “I was raised in a pastor’s home, so early on I was introduced to Jesus. There has always been a desire in my heart to do what the Lord wants in my life. I was saved and sanctified in Martinsburg, Ohio, at Faith Holiness Church. I do not remember the date that I was saved, but I was sanctified in October of 1997. I am so thankful for all the Lord has done for me, and the change He has made in my life.”


Daniel: “When I was an early teen I felt like the Lord was calling me to serve Him in a foreign country. At times in college the call would feel so great I would ask the Lord to ease the feeling or open a door for me to work somewhere. It is still hard to believe that we are finally getting to do what we have been called to do. It seems like you prepare for so long that at times you wonder if you are doing all the right things – and then God lets you know all is well.”

Tiffany: “Being raised in a pastor’s home also introduced me to missions. I was in the fifth grade when I felt like the Lord was calling me to be a missionary. Later, at sixteen years of age, I felt like the Lord wanted me to be a missionary nurse.”


Daniel: EMS and Nursing Assistant training in South Carolina – Faith Bible School, Mitchell, South Dakota, 2-year Bible diploma and private pilot’s license.

Tiffany: Attended Penn View Bible Institute 1 year, taking as many missions classes as possible; nurse’s training at Central Ohio Technical College and Greenville (SC) Tech; diploma in midwifery in September, 2003


Daniel: Preached on Indian reservations in South Dakota while in school

Tiffany: Participated in urban ministry of Tom Kiser family (Faith4Living) in New York City


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Kenton D. Melton – San Luis, Honduras; August, 7, 2008
Kaden M. Melton – San Luis, Honduras; August 10, 2013


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