EFM Missions: Missionaries: Leroy and Myrtle Adams - Retired

Leroy and Myrtle Adams - Retired

Leroy and Myrtle Adams - Retired


Leroy: October 2, 1933 in Kingswood, KY

Myrtle: May 10, 1937 in Capetown, South Africa


Leroy: “When I was 16 God gave me grace to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. God, for Christ's sake forgave me and wrote my name in heaven. A few years later when I quit trying to sanctify myself, the Holy Spirit cleansed my heart and filled me with His presence which empowered my ministry.”

Myrtle: “When I was 16 I learned that living in a Christian home was not enough; I gave my heart to Christ and found real life myself. Later I made a full consecration and was entirely sanctified.” College Leroy: People's Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1955 with a B.TH; the University of Missouri, Kansas City, with M.Ed in 1971; and from Columbia International University in 1999 with an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies. Myrtle: Metropolitan Bible College in 1956; from Penn View Bible Institute in 1981. Married In 1958 Leroy was married to Myrtle A. Wildhagan, daughter of missionaries to South Africa.


Leroy: Taught at Salem Bible College, Salem, Ohio; at Faith Mission High School and Bible School, Eritrea, and did evangelism and church planting; taught at Wesley Int'l Bible College in Nigeria, evangelized, trained church planters and superintended the Bible Church of Nigeria; taught and administrated at the Evangelical College of Theology in Ghana and evangelized in the area; taught and directed the Kiev Wesley Bible College in Ukraine; presently teaching in the Faith Bible College in Cairo, Egypt, and evangelizing in the churches.

Myrtle: Missionary housewife, mother of five, taught in Faith Mission High School in Decamere, Eritrea, before starting to home school her children, helped her husband in his varied ministries, plus organizing the libraries of Evangelical College of Theology in Ghana, Africa, and Kiev Wesley Bible College in Ukraine.


Two sons – Melvin, founder of Kiev Wesley Bible College, pastoring in Emmett, Idaho, involved in missions in Vietnam, India, and Ukraine, married, six children; and Lowell, preparing for medical missions, living in PA married, two children. Three daughters – Marie, involved in her local church, living in Hobe Sound, Florida; Arlene,living with her five children in PA, where she home schools them; and Edith, mother of four, moving to Georgia where her husband is working on a doctorate in music. Total of seventeen grandchildren and one great granddaughter, Elaina Nicole Emery.

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