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Irene Maurer - Prayer Ministry

Irene Maurer - Prayer Ministry

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August 23, 1924, Doutyville, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania


I thank God that I was born in America and that my parents were Christians and took me to church from the time I was an infant. I gave my heart to the Lord when I was in my teens. He is my savior and sanctifier. By His help and grace I endeavor to discern His will and follow wherever He leads me. It is a joy to serve Jesus. He saves, He keeps, and He satisfies.


I was boarding with a family in New Jersey and attending an independent holiness church. The good family atmosphere helped me get settled spiritually. I was working at a sewing factory at that time and was invited to hear a missionary from British Guyana. The Lord began talking to me, saying, “What about My work?”

I went home and got a job in another sewing factory. One Friday night I went to a youth service in Helphenstine, PA, where God spoke to me again, and when I went to the altar I felt that God told me again that I was to be a missionary. However, I battled over the weekend with uncertainty and asked God to show me clearly. When I went to the Sunday evening service in my home chuirch, I saw that the pastor was alternately sitting and then kneeling to pray as if bothered by something. During the service I felt that the Lord directed me to testify that I had a missionary call, so I did so. The pastor jumped to his feet and cried out, “This is it!” Then he shared his text for that night’s message, “The master is come and calleth for thee” (John 11:28). I went to the altar, along with others, and God certified to my heart that this was his calling.


Th.B from God’s Bible School in Cincinnati, Ohio B.A. in History from the University of Cincinnati M. Ed. From Xavier University in Cincinnati


I spent a summer at Beulah Heights, Kentucky, helping in an orphanage. In the summer of 1948 I went to Bedford, Indiana, to help in the office of Evangelistic Faith Missions, then sailed for Egypt in November 1949 as a missionary. For the past sixty years I have served with EFM in the home office, and then for many years in Egypt, Eritrea, and Bolivia. Since 1999 I have helped with deputational travels in the U.S.

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