EFM Missions: Missionaries: Rex and Hannah McDowell - On Call

Rex and Hannah McDowell - On Call

Rex and Hannah McDowell - On Call


Rex: July 29,1957, Lafayette, Indiana

Hannah: May 5, 1959, Warren, Ohio


Rex: “I was first saved at my father's knee in a church service when I was six years old. Though I was not 100% faithful to the Lord from that time on, the basic course of my life has been set since then. I praise God for present conscious assurance that my sins are forgiven and the Holy Spirit abides. I want Paul’s testimony to be a reality in my life: For me to live is Christ.”

Hannah: Hannah: “I was raised in a wonderful Christian home, by parents who set a godly example of holiness before me. I remember going to the altar at the age of 3 and raising my hands in the air as I'd seen other people do. I didn't really understand at that time what I was doing, but two years later when I was five, I was old enough to know I needed to be forgiven, and I truly prayed to be saved. I can't report an unbroken walk with the Lord from that time, but aside from a period of about a year in my early teens, I have had a consistent desire to live for the Lord, and He has always been so faithful to help me get back up and on the right way.”


Rex: “Since I knew I wanted to serve the Lord, it only made sense to attend Bible school. While there, I met a lovely young lady who had a missionary call. Because I did not feel a specific call to missions, I did not ask her to date for close to a year after we became mutually interested. But after much prayer and counsel, we felt clear to begin dating. I entered into the relationship with the understanding that if God continued to lead us together, I would work in missions. He did, and I have.”

Hannah: “I don't know of anyone with a greater missionary burden than my father. With the constant emphasis on missions in our home, it wasn't hard for the Lord to call me. From the time I was ten I knew God wanted me to be a missionary, and from my mid-teens on, I was certain that He wanted me to be involved in medical missions.”


Rex: God's Bible School, AB (1981), ThB (1982); Wesley Biblical Seminary; Evangelical Theological Seminary, MAR with OT specialization (2005)

Hannah: God's Bible School for two years to get a firm spiritual grounding; University of Cincinnati; Carolina Christian College, BRE (1981); Davidson County Community College, ADN (1983); RN; Medical University of South Carolina, Certified Nurse Midwife (1988).


July 4, 1980, at Faith Community Chapel in Thomasville, NC. “Ever since, people all over the whole United States celebrate our anniversary with fireworks each year!”


Rex: Taught for six years at Carolina Christian College while Hannah finished her Bible school and medical training.

Both: Missionaries in Costa Rica (where both attended language school), May 1988 – May 1991; in Nicaragua, May 1991 – December 1992; missionary deputation, December 1992 – September 1994; 2nd term in Costa Rica, September 1994 – October 1998; missionary deputation and field visits, October 1998 – August 1999. Since then we have been working both with EFM (deputation, missionary conventions, field visits [including four summers in Honduras], profesorado courses) and in the Penn View Bible Institute Missions Department, where Rex is coordinator of the Hispanic Studies Program, a unique four-year training course specifically designed to equip young people for ministry to the Latin community in the USA or abroad.


Rex II, Benjamin, Jeffrey We also have one grandson

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