Evangelistic Faith Missions

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations...

The final measurement of our success is the existence of healthy churches.

Our success depends on the health and local sustainability of those churches. Would they be healthy without us? Would they continue and succeed without us?

Building on the important foundation of the past 112 years, our current Board of Directors implemented a process of Strategic Planning and Realignment in 2013. We are very excited about the direction that God is leading!

Our current focus is on reaching new places – taking the Gospel to new people where few people have ever heard the message of Jesus. While many people may take for granted that this is what missions is all about, most missions work is currently in areas of the world where hundreds of other organizations are already working.

Less than 2% of all missions activities are currently targeting places like the 10/40 window, but many of these places are unreached for a reason – difficulties abound. EFM is currently exploring options and tools that will make it possible for us to send under-cover missionaries to other “creative access” countries.

The purpose for all of our work is to introduce people to Jesus, the only one who can save them from their sins and change their lives. If we don’t do this work, people will be lost eternally. There is no more important work. Reaching new people on new mission fields will have an eternal impact. Together with our ministry partners, that is the work EFM must do.

Evangelistic Faith Missions