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Stephen & Yvonne DeLong

Sharing Christ in Bolivia

Stephen and Yvonne DeLong are currently serving as full time missionaries with EFM in the country of Bolivia. They are overseeing the ministry and working in the area of leadership development.

Yvonne was born in Binghamton, NY. She grew up in a parsonage and had parents who pointed her to Christ. She was first saved at the age of 5. She had a desire to do something for Jesus from a young age, and her parents involved her in teaching Sunday School and helping with the children’s ministry.

“I loved to go to missionary services and my heart would usually be touched by the missionary’s message,” she says, “Many times I would tell the Lord that if He wanted me to be a missionary someday, then I was willing.” As she followed God’s leading and her husband, God has led in that direction. She has served alongside her husband in pastoral ministry, in Honduras for 4 years, and is now serving in Bolivia.

Stephen was born on the mission field in San Jose, Costa Rica. As a young person he had a tender heart towards God, and God saved him at an early age. Raised by missionary parents, he was involved with missions from a young age. He was involved in their ministry and developed a love for missions. He sensed God continuing to lead him towards being a missionary as he graduated from high school and then college. He followed as God opened up the doors in that direction.

They are both graduates of Penn View Bible Institute. Stephen with an Advanced Diploma in Missionary Studies and Yvonne with an Advanced Diploma in Child Evangelism. Their previous ministry experience includes their involvement in missions as children, teaching Sunday School while in college, pastoring for 3 ½ years, being a Missionary and Christian school administrator in Honduras. Yvonne also taught school for four years.

They currently have three children living: Hannah, Daniel, and Jonathan. One child, Joanna, went home to be with Jesus in 2009.

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