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Eric & Rachel Himelick

Sharing Christ in the Inner City

Eric and Rachelle Himelick are currently serving as the Director of Urban Ministry and Development for EFM. They live with their six children in Upland, IN at Victory Acres Farm.

Born in Jackson, MS, Rachelle was first saved at an early age. While in high school at Independence Bible School in Kansas she became established spiritually. She attended Union Bible College and studied music for two years before marrying Eric. “My calling has been primarily as a wife and mother,” says Rachelle,  “I feel that my main role is to support my husband and to raise our children for God.”

Eric was born in Upland, IN. Raised in a Christian hom, he was saved at the age of 5. When he was an early teen, he felt God’s calling me to prepare for ministry. While he did not know what all that might include, he was willing to follow God’s leading wherever it took him. “While doing an internship in college, my eyes were opened to see the need in the cities,” says Eric, “God used those experiences to lead me into urban work.”

Eric graduated in 2000 from Union Bible College with a degree in Pastoral Ministry. Rachelle attended UBC for two years. They served as the founding directors of Victory Inner-city Ministries for 15 years before joining EFM in June 2015.

They currently have six children: Kaylynn, Rebecca, Sarah, Samuel, Esther, and Karissa.

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