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Daniel & Tiffany Melton

Sharing Christ in Honduras

Daniel and Tiffany Melton have served as missionaries with EFM since April 2003. They lived and served on the field in Honduras for 13 years. They currently live in South Carolina. Daniel oversees the ministry in Honduras through extended trips several times a year. He has become a frequent “trouble shooter,” travelling to other Spanish-speaking fields to solve problems and to develop opportunities. EFM is honored to have them as an integral part of our ministry team.

Born in Ohio, Tiffany was raised in a pastor’s home. She was saved and sanctified in 1997 in Martinsburg, Ohio, at Faith Holiness Church. She was just in the fifth grade when she felt like the Lord was calling her to be a missionary, and at sixteen, she felt like the Lord wanted her to be a missionary nurse.

Born in Louisiana, when Daniel was 13, he gave his life to the Lord at a camp in Florida, and while in college at Faith Bible School in 1997 the Lord sanctified him. Daniel was in his early teens when he felt like the Lord was calling him to serve in a foreign country. In college, God confirmed that call. Far from being a reluctant missionary, Daniel says, “It is still hard to believe that we are finally getting to do what we have been called to do.”

Daniel received EMS and Nursing Assistant training in South Carolina. He received a 2 year diploma in Biblical studies from Faith Bible School in Mitchell, South Dakota, and he earned a private pilot’s license.

Tiffany attended Penn View Bible Institute for a year, taking as many missions classes as possible. She studied nursing at Central Ohio Technical College in Greenville, SC, and holds a diploma in midwifery.

Daniel preached on Indian reservations in South Dakota while in school and Tiffany participated in urban ministry with the Tom Kiser family in New York City.

They currently have five children: Kendrick, Kaleb, Kenton, Kaden, and Kysen.

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