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Caila Rice

Sharing Christ in Detroit

Caila Rice is currently a member of our urban ministry team in Detroit and is the assistant manager of AWAKE CAFE.  Previously she served as an English teacher and missionary with EFM in Jalapa, Guatemala.

Caila was raised in a Christian home. At the age of three years old, she understood for the first time that Jesus’ sacrifice was for her sins. Her heart desired God, but her spiritual life was up and down. However at the age of 18, she made a determined decision to serve God no matter what. “Despite the devil’s very strongest attempts to pull me down,” she says, “By the Grace of God my life remained surrendered unconditionally to my Lord!”

At 12 years old, she sensed the Lord asking her if she would be his missionary. “I never had a specific calling to a particular place,” she says, “but have discovered through life’s journey that my calling is wherever God leads me. I serve the people God allows my path to cross no matter if it is in the USA or abroad. I find it a great privilege and adventure to be in the work of the Lord!”
She graduated from Penn View Bible Institute in 2015 with a degree in missionary studies. Her previous ministry experiences include helping her parents, the youth leaders at their church in PA, as well as being involved in Outreach Ministry. At 13, she went on her first missions trip. It was just the start of many more to come in in the years ahead. “The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to work in many places across the United States as well as seven countries around the world,” she says, “I spent 12 weeks on internships in both Colombia and the Philippines. After graduation I spent 2015 to 2016 working on the Amazonas borders of Colombia, Perú and Brasil, South America.”

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