Foreign Ministry Opportunities

Here are some of the ways you can share the Gospel internationally through the ministry of EFM.

Take a short-term trip.

In every EFM trip we spread the Gospel while bringing value to communities. For example, during our yearly medical brigade, volunteers share the Gospel while providing medical care to those without access to health services. This has resulted in new church plants and the salvation of hundreds of souls.

Most trips are open to a wide range of ages and skills. Contact us to learn more about our upcoming short-term trips.

Participate in an internship.

Some of the most valuable lessons you will ever learn are gained through real-world experience. EFM would love to help you experience an internship that fits your giftings.

You do not need to be a college student, nor do you need a call to missions to participate in an internship. You do need to be 18+, have a clear testimony, and be motivated to serve God’s kingdom. .

For teenagers, we recommend our Nehemiah Discipleship Program. Through the NDP experience, young people are equipped to serve God’s kingdom by gaining life skills, building spiritual friendships, and engaging with Scripture.

Contact our office to discuss how you can participate in one of these programs.

Take your occupation to a dark country.

Many countries that are hostile to Christianity welcome American professionals. Any trained or certified occupation will allow you to live out the Gospel in some of the darkest places of the world. This opportunity may be a good fit if you are already trained in a secular occupation but feel drawn to share your faith internationally. A Bible college education is not required, and you can use the skills you have already acquired. We can help you discover where your skills are needed in the world. We can provide you with the resources and support needed for living and witnessing in a dark or restricted country.

Serve as a full-time missionary.

At EFM, we train our missionaries, prepare them for life in a foreign environment, and guarantee their support. Our missionaries reach farther by training national leaders and developing creative ways to share the Gospel.

Like many career opportunities, becoming a missionary doesn’t require a life-long commitment, but it does require a commitment of at least 2-5 years. It also requires a fundamental biblical education like that found at a Bible college, life skills, leadership skills, and a passion for the lost. If this is something you are interested in, our office would love to give you specific advice for your situation. If you are considering a future in full-time missionary service, feel free to ask us for advice and guidance; we’re here to help.

Evangelistic Faith Missions has a long history of sending Light bearers to dark places. Our first missionaries went to Egypt in 1905. Now we support work in restricted countries and guarantee support for missionary families around the world. We would love to discuss how you can join this incredible Kingdom work.

Evangelistic Faith Missions