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A mission internship should be life-changing. You are looking for a place where you can practice and experiment with what you learned in class. You want to start the transition from training to action. Whether you are looking to fulfill an internship requirement, or exploring to find God’s direction for your future, or simply ready to commit a few weeks to adventurous ministry, we have opportunities for you.

At EFM we are ready to help you fulfill your academic requirement of an internship, but we also open the door for you to experience inspiration, develop skills, and fuel the passion that will guide you toward your future ministry. The journey starts with a call or email. We’re ready to help you explore the possibilities.

Places of Ministry



The Delong family are our missionaries in Bolivia.  We have thirteen churches and a part-time ministry training institute there.

Dominican Republic

The Leiva family from Honduras are our missionaries in the Dominican Republic.


The Schaper family are our missionaries in Guatemala.  We have 130 churches and a ministry training institute with eighty students.  We have an elementary school with 80 students.


We do not have American missionaries in full-time residence in Honduras, but Americans make trips to help.  We have 60 churches, radio stations in two cities, a Bible institute, and a clinic that serves 4,000 patients annually.

Evangelistic Faith Missions