• Below poverty line 54.1% 54.1%



  • Christian 85.6% 85.6%
  • Muslim 12.2% 12.2%
  • Traditional .6% .6%
  • Other .2% .2%
  • None 1.4% 1.4%

EFM started working in Liberia in 2017 with an exploratory trip by Dr. Stephen Gibson. EFM has founded Shepherd’s Institute of Liberia, with a ministry training program centered in Monrovia but working to develop other training sites. A farm project has been started to help support village ministry and economic development.

EFM goals in Liberia include growth and extension of the training program, the commissioning of national missionaries who will reach the jungle villages, and the establishment of village churches and schools.

Country Profile


Settlement of freed slaves from the US in what is today Liberia began in 1822; by 1847, the Americo-Liberians were able to establish a republic. In the following decades were conflicts and a civil war that devastated the country and killed an estimated 250,000 people. The nation has natural resources but struggles with corruption issues. The government provides religious freedom, and Christianity is the dominant religion, though the country also has a strong Muslim population.

Demographic Profile

More than 60% of the population is under the age of 25. Significant progress has been made in preventing child deaths, despite a lack of health care workers and infrastructure. Infant and child mortality have dropped nearly 70% since 1990; the annual reduction rate of about 5.4% is the highest in Africa.

Liberia has been both a source and a destination for refugees. During Liberia’s 14-year civil war (1989-2003), more than 250,000 people became refugees and another half million were internally displaced.

– Information provided by CIA World Factbook

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