Available Missionary Roles

with Evangelistic Faith Missions

A Guiding Purpose

The purpose of missions is to establish indigenous ministries (ministries that are locally led and supported and “at home” in their cultures).  That purpose guides everything we do.  Our missionaries go with the goal of establishing ministries that will be continued by local believers.  Our missionaries are pioneers, leaders, starters, mentors, trainers, builders, and visionaries!

Missionary Qualifications

Qualifications vary because of the diversity of available roles.  We highly value Bible college education and previous experience in a ministry position, but those are not requirements for all ministry roles.  Ministries are available for Christians with credentials in various professional occupations and people with business or agricultural skills.  Because of our spiritual and doctrinal roots, it is important for a missionary to embrace holiness doctrine from a Wesleyan perspective and be an example of careful Christian living.

Missionary Opportunities

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica we have one established church, but we plan to open a ministry training institute that helps other churches and recruits potential pastors for church planting.  Fifteen SGC courses are already available in Spanish.

Missionaries Needed:

We need an institute founder who can set up a training program with the courses from SGC, teach, and train others to teach.  We need a church planter who will explore and find potential sites for new churches, assist in evangelizing the area, and recruit and mentor potential pastors.  Spanish ability would be valuable.


Thousands of rural pastors and house church pastors in Asia have almost no training.  We do have missionaries in Asia who are engaged in ministry training.  So far we have three SGC courses translated into the local dialect.  Demand for the courses is rapidly increasing.  Teaching opportunities for ministry trainers are multiplying.  Because of restrictions placed on foreign missionary work by countries in this region, missionaries must have another professional occupation that gives them a plausible reason for working in the country.

Missionaries Needed: 

This region needs teachers for current pastors and potential pastors at multiple training sites.  Professionals with various occupations could work in this area and engage in many forms of ministry.  Positions are available for Christian teachers and school principals.


Evangelistic Faith Missions has a ministry training center in Liberia.  Many groups of churches around the country are asking to have their own institutes.  Schools in Liberia have Bible classes but need material.  Many communities need quality schools.

Missionaries Needed:

We need teachers for ministry training at multiple sites.  We need a teacher of English skills to improve the writing and speaking of students.  We need a farm project manager to develop new farms.  We need a missionary to offer a training program for school teachers that improves their skills and shows them how to teach Bible subjects.


We Are building a team of urban missionaries in Detroit.  Our coffee shop helps support the ministry and provides a spiritual atmosphere just four blocks from a university.  The training and experience available in Detroit will prepare urban missionaries for work in other cities.

Missionaries Needed:

Ministry possibilities in Detroit include developing an inner-city church, Muslim evangelism, coffee shop work, and many other ministries that could be initiated by a missionary with vision.


Evangelism cannot be done publicly in China, but schools in China want Americans to teach English.  Positions at all academic levels are available, from elementary to university.  No qualification bu native English skill is necessary for the lower levels.  We have the connections to place teachers in China.

Missionaries Needed:

Christian teachers are needed to teach and witness in an educational environment.

Pioneer Opportunities

We are exploring opportunities for new ministries in several African countries near Liberia.  There are new ministry opportunities available in several countries within Asia.  We are ready to hear any candidate’s vision for ministry in a new field and consider pioneering a new field if we share a similar vision and philosophy.

Missionaries Needed:

We are looking for individuals who are visionary and firmly rooted doctrinally to expand into new areas.

PDF Missionary Application

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Online Missionary Application

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