A team of 35 medical personnel from the U.S. spent this past week in Honduras working with EFM’s annual medical team. Here is a brief report of their activities:

Monday, March 4th
The team traveled to San Francisco, Honduras and saw 432 patients. According to pastor Hector, the local church pastor, 46 people gave their hearts to Christ that day. It was a long, exhausting and productive day.

Tuesday, March 5th
The team traveled to Brisas de Guaruma and saw 245 patients. As of Tuesday, 75 people had prayed for salvation. At the end of the day one team member wrote on Facebook, “We are tired tonight but it’s a very good tired. Thank you to everyone praying for us – we feel it.”

March 6th
Our 4th and final clinic day was at Yamala. This village had previously hosted a clinic team. It was incredibly hot, but the team saw 250 people! To top things off, the team saw another 50 patients after traveling back to the compound. The grand total for the week? 1,333 people! We broke the record for the most patients seen on past medical missions trips!

As a result of our efforts, 110 people come to the Lord and there is the possibility of 2 churches being planted through our efforts over the last week. Thanks for all you’ve done to make this possible. We couldn’t have done this without your support.


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