God has been faithful to the churches in Egypt.  Their vision is to spread God’s Word everywhere through church planting and holistic services.  They are currently establishing a studio to create evangelistic programs that will be spread to the Arab World, Middle East, and even western countries through the use of media and internet.  Since 2013, they have been providing Children’s ministry curricula throughout countries like Sudan, Syria, France, Australia, and America.  The Prayer Mountain Conference has been established for 24/7 prayer in response to terrorism and for a holiness transformation throughout Egypt.  Faith Bible College, located in Cairo, has a vision to equip those who are called by God to plant and pastor new churches.


With the progress being made, there seems to be insurmountable obstacles to overcome. There is often resistance from the law and surrounding neighborhoods.  Egypt is still struggling to achieve the basic human rights such as freedom of beliefs and a life of dignity for all citizens.  The cost of land and construction materials to rebuild older churches is a challenge.  The need of ministers to plant churches is also great.  Inflation rates  reached 30.7% in 2017, making it difficult for families to provide food, clothing, and housing for their loved ones.  This hinders those who are called to minister to spread the Gospel, because they are so busy meeting the needs of their families and churches lack income to provide an adequate salary for pastors.


One dream is to have a prayer torch at Prayer Mountain that stays lit until the Lord comes.  Faith Bible College is working to provide online education to those who travel long distances from the college, add more scholarships, create a Master’s program, and to provide a larger facility to meet the supply and demand of the school.

Through all these challenges, God has done mighty works for Egypt! Join EFM in prayer and support as Egypt continues to be transformed by God’s grace.

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