The dedication for AWAKE Cafe was held on March 29, but we are still celebrating! It was a special evening. Our entire Urban Ministry Division Committee was on hand to celebrate this momentous occasion. Rev. Adam Buckler, President of Union Bible College, gave the dedicatory address, and Rev. Rick Jones, Pastor of Faith Community Church in St. Louis, offered the prayer of dedication for our new facility. If you haven’t yet, you should take time to watch it; Bro. Buckler really delivered a great message!

The shop is providing employment opportunities for our ministry team members and as it become profitable, a means of sustainably supporting the ministry in Detroit (and hopefully beyond.)

Coffee and conversation is our “tag line,” and we hope that it will be a means of outreach to the 27,000+ students at nearby Wayne State University. We have a lot of work to do to get the word out about the shop, but students are already filtering in and we are building relationships with them.

Here’s a sample from our first weeks of ministry:

  • A local man who has never been to the church and has lived here for 14 years talked with us about glad he was to see what’s happening here. He’s now a regular customer.

  • A school teacher who is also a student at Wayne State is now a regular customer. She likes to come in and work on her lessons. She really enjoys what the shop is doing and is telling others about it.

  • One lady sat at the counter and talked with Tonweya for over an hour as he did dishes.

  • An area pastor with a passion to reach the foreign exchange students at Wayne State wants to use the shop for meetings with students.

  • A Wayne State student contacted us wanting to have the church as a project for a school assignment. She is to visit a church that she has never visited before and she plans to visit soon.

  • Two pastors stopped by and we were able to have some good conversations. Before they left, we had a special time of prayer together.

  • Students are coming to sit and study just like we envisioned. A group this week was there for over five hours working on their school assignments and one young man spent his entire day with us!

So much work has gone into making this project a success, and we could not have done it alone. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get to this point!

Just because you don’t live in Detroit doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy our coffee. You can still get a taste of AWAKE by purchasing our great coffee to try at home. Buy it straight from our new store website or by calling AWAKE Café: 313-315-3038.

Relationships are growing, connections are being made, and the Gospel is being communicated in word and deed. Pray for our staff as we develop plans for evenings of conversation on the “big questions” in life. Pray that God will guide people to the truth of the Gospel. Pray that AWAKE will be a place of spiritual awakening in the months and years to come.


Eric Himelick
Director of Urban Ministry

Evangelistic Faith Missions