Honduras Radio Upgrade

“Radio Light and Life,” Evangelistic Faith Mission’s AM radio station located in San Luis, Honduras, was started by Missionary Don Moore in 1978.

For more than 40 years, it has been instrumental in helping start churches, help people find Christ and encourage Christians through Christian programming.  By purchasing this new transmitter, we were able to move from a 1000-watt to a 3000-watt transmitter, making the gospel available to even more people!

It was truly incredible how the Lord provided. I found out on my trip to Honduras in June 2018 that the transmitter we had been using was not being made anymore, and that parts were not available for the repairs that were needed.

When I returned to the US, we began to tell of the need for a new transmitter. I had a trip to Honduras planned for August, so with the funds I had in hand I purchased a 1,000 watt transmitter that I could take with me.  A very dear friend shared with me that he thought I had made a mistake in not waiting and trusting the Lord to provide for the 3,000 watt transmitter. I prayed and told the Lord that if for some reason that 1,000 watt transmitter didn’t arrive in time to go with me in August, then I would know that I had jumped the gun and should wait on the Lord to provide the better transmitter.

Do you know what? It didn’t arrive! I called the factory and asked if I could change the order and how much time would they give me to pay the difference.
They gave me between 2-3 weeks. I began to pray along with many friends, and as He always does, He came through just on time. Over $30,000 was raised to pay for a transmitter, new wiring, and shipping to get everything to Honduras.  Our Honduran brethren did their part as well in raising funds for a new antenna to be installed with the new transmitter.

Thanks to the giving of God’s people, we purchased a 3000-watt transmitter that was shipped to Honduras in November 2018. When the transmitter was turned on the week before Christmas 2018, we had a new AM antenna, transmitter, wiring and many other new parts installed!

Since then we have received many reports, some from areas that our radio signal had never entered before.  God is so good! Because God’s people are supporting the work of Evangelistic Faith Missions, the Gospel message continues to go out. Thank you for partnering with us!


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