On Tuesday, December 3, we have the opportunity to match all gifts given through our online fundraiser.

Would you like to have your gift matched? Here is your opportunity! Our current goal for the next phase of work is $80,000. So far, $185,000 has been raised for this project, and we have made tremendous progress.

Between volunteers and local labor, we are building this far below the costs of ordinary commercial construction. The result will be a state of the art medical center that will include a surgery center as well as an eye and dental clinic.

Building on the good work that our annual medical teams have done for the past ten years, we hope that this will become a year round medical option for this community. There are 45,000 people that live in this area of Honduras and depend on the clinic for medical help.  Many people who have needed surgery in the past have had to travel to San Pedro Sula, three hours away. Having this medical center will provide a dental center which will include a plan for educating children in the local schools on how to care for their teeth. It will include an eye center where people can receive eye care and glasses. The surgical center will make it possible for local people to have surgery and return to their personal home for rest and recuperation.

One of the biggest blessings in having the medical center is that it brings many people through our doors so that we can share the love of Christ and the Gospel with each of them.

Would you prayerfully consider giving to this cause? Whether you donate $5 or $500, everything you give will help us to save lives and make an impact in this needy place.



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