Many exciting things have happened on Honduran medical teams. Last year alone, we were able to see 942 patients in 4 different locations, and 44 people gave their hearts to the Lord. If you gave to that effort, we want to thank you for your support!

In past several years, your offerings have made it possible to buy medicine and to purchase items such as otoscopes, an ear lavage system, and portable suction equipment. These items are commonly referred to in medical “lingo” as durable medical equipment, meaning they can be used year after year. Additionally, your support made it possible to send shipments of medical supplies and medicine to the clinic in San Luis each year.

March 2019 is fast approaching, and another team is formed and making plans for departure March 1st. Once again, we will be going to a remote area in the eastern part of Honduras with a team of American medical personnel. The doctors and nurses that go will each be paying their own way as well as contributing to the other expenses of the project. However, as you can imagine, medicine and supplies are expensive, and we need additional help to fund the trip.

This year’s our goal for the Medical Missions trip is $15,000.

If 750 people would feel led of The Lord to give $20, the needs of the medical team would be met. At Evangelistic Faith Missions we know how tight budgets can be. We know that family budgets are often strained to the breaking point. However, I trust that God will lead just a few hundred people to give $20.

  • Twenty dollars can purchase antibiotics for over five children,
  • Stomach medicine for over 5 adults, or
  • Parasite medicine for over 5 families.

Your support can also do things like help pay the cost of a Honduran translator or the cost of a Honduran driver to help get all the supplies and people to the different clinic locations each day. This is a practical way that you can make a difference. Would you pray about what God would have you to give? We want to thank you for any offering you feel led to send. * You can contribute via our website (be sure to specify that the offering is for the medical team,) or you can send your tax-deductible donation marked “Honduras Medical Team” to our mailing address:

EFM, P.O. Box 609, Bedford, IN 47421-0609

We promise to give you a full report in the Missionary Herald of the 2019 team activities. With your help, this will be another year of medical successes and spiritual victories!

For the Harvest,

Daniel Melton

Evangelistic Faith Missions