A Giant Leap

“One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” Those were the historic words spoken by Neil Armstrong the day that man first set foot on the moon. A lot of people whose names were never known made that final step possible, and a lot of time and talent went into making that dream a reality.

While there were no headlines in the international press, yesterday was an historic day. It is the first time our Honduran national church took part in sending a family to serve in another country. The national church leaders, pastors and friends took Pastor Angel, wife Gloria along with three of their four children, Andry, Keidy, Gerardo to the airport to fly out to the Dominican Republic.

This is a joint effort between La Iglesia Evangelica Emanuel de Honduras, La Iglesia de Santidad – in Dominican Republic and Evangelistic Faith Missions. The Leiva’s have gone on faith that the Lord will provide for their financial support.The last several months have been full of running – government offices, certifying birth certificates and marriage license; to school office for official report cards; to the Dominican Republic consulate to work on residence paperwork for the Leiva family. Even down to the last minute yesterday, there was the work of packing up their house, sending goods to storage, and selling their car. Since making the decision to answer the call for a missionary family to go to work in the Dominican Republic, the Levia’s have not looked back.

The Leiva family will be living in the same house that the David Middlton’s lived in and will continue their work of preaching, teaching, and loving people. This is a huge step for this family; please keep them in your prayers as they work to develop leaders in this new place.

Evangelistic Faith Missions