Stephen Gibson and Former EFM Vice President Marc Sankey just finished a trip to three Eastern European countries in the past few weeks ministering in churches and exploring new ministry opportunities. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine are all Russian speaking countries that were a part of the former USSR. The opportunities in this area of the world are nearly limitless.

Holiness Pilgrim Mission, an organization Bro. Gibson has led since 2011, has been working in this area of the world for many years. He lived in Ukraine with his family for five years and served Kiev Wesley Bible College in the roles of professor, academic dean, and president. During that time he also taught classes at other colleges and preached in churches in Ukraine and Russia.

Bro. Gibson’s primary mission on this trip was to lay the ground work for new potential training centers using the Shepherd’s Global Classroom materials. EFM was an early supporter of SGC and is helping to sponsor the translation of materials into new languages. We see SGC as an important tool to facilitate training and discipleship in new places.

They just arrived home safely this week, and we are glad to have them back! We thank you for your support of EFM and our new president as together we reach out to new people and new places to make disciples.

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