URGENT UPDATE from Daniel N Tiffany Melton in Honduras…

“Our Light and Life AM Radio station has been off the air for over a month. With the urgency of trying to get the station back on the air in the San Luis area, we had decided to purchase a much small transmitter with the idea that it would arrive in time for me to bring with me to Honduras on the 21st of August. This transmitter would not leave any possibility of expansion in the future.

On a Wednesday night before I left for Honduras a kind brother from our home church mentioned something about me being in a hurry, and I began to think, “Lord, if I was in a hurry, and You do want to provide for us to have the 3000 watt transmitter, You know how to work it out.”

Well, as things would have it, my departure day came and the smaller transmitter didn’t arrive, and as I checked on its progress, it had not even been made. I called our contact and asked if we had any flexibility to possibly change our purchase from the smaller transmitter to the larger one, and he told me that the smaller transmitter would not be made for us until September 2. If we wanted to change it, we just had to let him know by September 1.

So this is the update: We have $12,000 raised for the transmitter and still need $13,000 to go if the Lord wants us to purchase the 3000 watt transmitter. This transmitter will allow us to get back on the air and also request permission to up our allotted wattage so that our radio station can reach more people in the state of Santa Barbara.

The Lord has used this Christian Radio station to start churches, provide Sunday School to places that don’t have it, and to lead a lot of people to the knowledge of Christ. If the Lord lays it on your heart, no gift is too small. Adonay and I made this short video in front of the Radio station.

Help me pray for the Lord to give guidance. I feel like He wants us to reach for the 3000 watt so that more people can be reached with the Gospel, but most of all, I want His will to be done.


Daniel Melton, EFM Missionary, Honduras

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