Liberia has many pastors who have had little training, and the churches of Liberia suffer from instability and doctrinal extremes.  There are many jungle villages that have no church. Liberia is just under the 10/40 window, the region that contains most of the unreached people of the world.

Our first goal was to develop a national team of ministry trainers and establish a local institute. We have accomplished that goal. Our team is composed of professionals who are believers committed to ministry training.  Our institute meets in a rented building and serves fifty students, most of whom are already in ministry.  We are hearing testimonies of the impact of the training.

This past year we accomplished an important step of incorporating an organization that can serve in multiple sites. Shepherd Institute of Liberia is incorporated and now serves a total of 130 students in five different locations.  Our goal is to have 1,000 students by 2023.

In order to make our work self supporting, we have started a printing operation and a farm project. Our print shop is operating, reducing our costs and providing profit potential.  We also have acreage with a crop ready to harvest. We’ve made progress!

Next steps in Liberia…

Phase 4 in our Liberian ministry plan includes translating Shepherd’s Global Classroom courses into the Bassa language. This work has begun with $13,500 still needed to translate 9 more courses. That’s just $1,500 per course!

People in the capital speak English, but a large rural region speaks Bassa.  We have translated and printed the first Bassa course, and one institute site has already begun using it.

Phase 5: Buy and develop a property for the central institute, offices, library, and print shop.

We currently rent a building.  We need to end the rent expense and develop a larger facility.  We have found available land in town on a main road that we could purchase for $18,000. We estimate the cost to build would be an additional $55,000. We can start construction as soon as resources are available.

We thank God for His help in Liberia so far. Without God’s people giving none of this would have been possible. We believe that He is going to provide the resources for the next phases of ministry.

For the Harvest,

Stephen Gibson
Evangelistic Faith Missions
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