“I need somebody to talk to, to see if something is right or wrong,
and I feel like I can come to you all. I don’t have anyone else.”

These were Stephen’s words when we stopped by his house on our way home from church one Sunday night. This single father lost his fiancé when a stranger drugged her drink, killing her as her infant son watched.

We often see Stephen working around his house or walking with his two-year-old boy down the street. He seems to have many questions. We have prayed with him and continue to endeavor to point him to the truth. There are so many like Stephen who have experienced the heartache that sin brings and are searching for the purpose of life.

In April, we had the privilege of speaking at the Penn View Bible Institute Missions Convention. One of the students from our academy who has expressed an interest in attending a Bible College was able to go with us and thoroughly enjoyed his time and experience at the Missions Convention. We thank the Lord for His help as we traveled and as we shared our burden for the inner city. Penn View Choir also came, and God used them in a special way to encourage our congregation and others who joined us. April was a busy month, but God helped and encouraged us in so many ways.

We’ve never been so excited to try out paint colors than we have been this time in Awake Coffee and Conversation. The walls have been finished with the drywall, and within a few weeks the painting should be completed. We are waiting for the hired plumber, who injured himself, to complete the plumbing so we can lay the flooring. We thank the Lord for the provision of tables and chairs that was donated to us by Mr. Charles Aikens in Pennsylvania who attained some of the furnishings from a Qdoba that closed down. Tonweya was able to pick them up in Pennsylvania from a relative of ours who stored them for us. The tables and chairs are in good condition and are a great step towards opening day!

There is a busy little lady crawling all over our house (including up the stairs)! Krishana’s favorite room has become the bathroom, keeping us on our toes and making sure that door stays shut! Aiden enjoys his playmate until she starts stealing the cars he has perfectly lined up across the floor. Our children have brought so many smiles to our home! We were able to take some time as a family and explore the Toledo Zoo. Besides the great exercise, we had a fun day of spending time with friends and seeing lots of animals. I think Aiden’s favorite parts was riding a hippo on the carousal and touching the stingray in the aquarium. We are thankful for the times we can spend together and make memories.

Ron Luce says, “The Great Commission is the Great Adventure of Christianity.”

Serving God is truly an adventure. From the struggling mother who sits on the corner asking for help to the Yemenis man we met in Dollar Tree, we never know what lives we will touch as we go from day to day living for Jesus.

Thank you to each of you who support us in prayer and finances
as we travel this adventure here in the inner-city. God uses each one of you and we are so thankful for your investment into His work!

Evangelistic Faith Missions