Resources For Local Churches

A congregation needs a lot of support to flourish. You pray, teach, train, and schedule regular revivals to enhance the spiritual health of your congregation, but you may see a need for further support in practical aspects of church life.

Evangelistic Faith Missions is opening a new division specifically focused on meeting the needs of congregations. We believe, as it says in Proverbs 13:20, that “whoever walks with the wise becomes wise.” We offer the opportunity to walk with highly qualified advisors as they share insight from their experience and God’s Word. Our advisors, Dr. David Bubb and Dr. Mike Avery can coach your outreach team, mentor your board, or expand the vision of your church.

Much like evangelists, EFM church advisors are booked months in advance and their services are offered on a free-will offering basis. For bookings, questions, or suggestions for this new program, contact Ministry Connections Director, Joya Taylor at (812) 275-7531 or She would love to answer your questions and keep you up to date on new developments with our program.

Evangelistic Faith Missions